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Press Brake Tonnage Chart 
Sheet Metal Gauge chart 
Tons of Pressure Required to Punch Mild Steel
MSDS For Galv Off


Bett-Marr Saw




Bohn Combi/Strapmaster


Model A


Model B

Doran Parts List

Air Hammer 

Duro Dyne Parts Lists

Fixed Head Pinspotter (FG1) Old Style
Rolling Head Pinspotter (RH) Old Style
Fixed Head Pinspotter (FG1) New Style
LSU Duct Liner Sizer
LS-5 Duct Liner Sizer

Eagle Morlin Parts Lists

Electric Pittsburgh Hammer 5200
Electric Pittsburgh Hammer 5400


Shopmaster table
16 Gauge Power Flanger
18 Gauge Power Flanger
Edgenotcher Model 750

Flagler Parts Lists 

20 Gauge High Speed Pittsburgh
20 Gauge Standard Pittsburgh
22 Gauge Portable Pittsburgh Machine
24 Gauge Junior Pittsburgh
Hi-Speed Combination "S" Cleat Machine
Quad Cutter Manual
Quad Cutter Diagram

Lockformer Parts Lists

20 Gauge Pittsburgh
LK-24 Pittsburgh Machine
24 Gauge Pittsburgh and Auto Guide Flanger
20 Gauge Button Punch Snaplock
20 Gauge Super Speed Machine
16 - 18 Gauge Auto-Guide Flanger
16 Gauge Pittsburgh
18 Gauge Pittsburgh
16 Gauge Speed Notcher
14 Gauge Pittsburgh
8000 Cleatformer
8600 Cleatformer
Super Speed Cleatformer 8900
Residential Notcher
Roto Notcher
Collar Maker
TDC Notcher
TDC Machine
Triplex Super Speed
Standing S Machine
24-S Bandsaw
24 Gauge Button Punch Snaplock
Easy Edger
Easy Edger Metric
Button Punch Snap Lock Flanger
Hand Cleat Bender
24" Cleat Bender
Quicklok (Old Style)
Button Cleat Bender Cylinder
Beader 6016 6020

Modern Manufacturing

Pittsburgh Hammer

Roper Whitney Parts Lists 

5 JR. Punch
RW 380 Series Slip Roll Formers
4 in 1 Multi Tool
Hand Brake 816 1018 1016
No. 38 Bench Shear
No. 39 Bench Shear
152/137 Foot Shear

Ruoff Parts List 


Roto Die 

Roto-Die #10
Roto-Die #15


HB Floor Break
Model 52 and 36 Foot Shear Manual 2015
R22 Rotary Manual 2015
U48-22 S48-22 Bench Brake Manual 2015