Lockformer Parts

Lockformer Parts

Replacement Parts for your Lockformer Machines.  Contact us if you can not find what you need!

We can help with indentifying those special parts, or even obsolete parts!

800-838-6570 or randy@rpmach.com

 Parts List

20 Gauge Pittsburgh

LK-24 Pittsburgh Machine

24 Gauge Pittsburgh and Auto Guide Flanger 

20 Gauge Button Punch Snaplock

20 Gauge Super Speed Machine

16 - 18 Gauge Auto-Guide Flanger 

16 Gauge Pittsburgh 

18 Gauge Pittsburgh 

16 Gauge Speed Notcher 

8000 Cleatformer

8600 Cleatformer 

Super Speed Cleatformer 8900

Residential Notcher

Roto Notcher

Collar Maker

TDC Notcher 

TDC Machine

Triplex Super Speed

Standing S Machine

24-S Bandsaw

24 Gauge Button Punch Snaplock

Easy Edger

Easy Edger Metric

Button Punch Snap Lock Flanger

Hand Cleat Bender

24" Cheek Bender


Quicklok (Old Style)

Hydraulic Button Punch Cheek Bender

Beader 6016 6020

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